Sep 30, 2007

Steelers Lose

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21 - 14

Arizona wins the toss and elects to receive. Former Woodland Hills High School QB Steve Breaston returns the kick for 29. Remember that name

Zona comes out swinging with a quick 12 yard gain followed by a couple nice plays by James. Steelers D wakes up. Former Steeler Punter Mike Bar comes on to punt. Steelers ball.

Steelers get something going when Faneca gets called for holding bringing it back 5. Then the O-Line gives up a sack. Ben saved all of their jobs. He could have easily been sacked a good 4-5 times more if he didn't pull numerous Houdini's. 3rd and 38 pass to Davenport. Sepulveda comes on to punt. This kid is turning out to be a solid pick. 57 yard punt return of 8.

Zona goes 3 and out. Steeler ball. Nate Washington drops another ball. Steelers drive hitting Miller over the middle for 20 and change then the line folds. Parker -6 Ben -10. 3rd and forever Ben bombs one to Holmes for 6. PAT Good.

7 - 0

Zona ball. Yeah this drive gets absolutely no where and somehow it took up almost 6 minutes. Likewise for the Steelers. Sepulveda boots another one. Arizona ball. Warner completes 3 in a row. The 3rd is fumbled by a hit from Troy. O-Line struggles Steelers Punt. Warner mounts a decent drive, calls time with 4 on the clock. Rackers comes, misses from 52.


Steelers come out and go from the 40 to 26 with a bad snap. Punt to Breaston, tackled by Izzy's boy Gay. Zona ball. Warner dominates and hits some douche from 6. Tomlin challanges, we thought he had a chance but the call stands. PAT Good

7 - 7

Steelers ball and Steelers punt, shocking. Arizona ball. Warner fumbles picked up by Harrison. Steelers ball from 4 out. Two years ago this was a gaurenteed a touchdown but now...INT

Zona ball and punt. Steelers go three and out. Breaston returns it for 6. If that INT didn't make you throw your controller against the wall, this return did. PAT Good. Steelers are on the ropes.

14 - 7

Steelers ball. Steelers punt. Arizona ball, 4th and 1 pretty much for the game. Steelers stop them but the Cardinals get a homer spotting. This was bullshit, I spat on my sister. That is how disgusted I was with that call. James runs it in from two. PAT Good

21 - 7

Steelers don't stop. Huge clutch performance by Ben finding Holmes from 7 out. PAT Good

21 - 14

Onside kick. No dice. Steelers D has to come up big and they do. Steeler ball with 46 left. Two quick completions then an interception.

End of Story

Steelersblog MVP

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Santonio Holmes

128 rec yards 2 TD

Our thoughts- Decent game. CBS Announcers suck ass. The O-Line needs to step it up big time. RedZone O needs to improve. I'm pissed a little.

All the Steelers are asking why Troy wasn't out there and where he was in the second half. We have a better question, where was our beloved mascot Steeley McBeam.

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I guess Arizona has some decent bars by the airport

Game Stats

PIT: B. Roethlisberger (17-32, 244), S. Holmes (6-128), W. Parker (19-37)

ARI: K. Warner (14-21, 132), L. Fitzgerald (11-123), E. James (21-77-TD)

Game Notes

  • Urban was a dick (85) I honestly wouldn't mind him dying in a grease fire

  • Santonio came up big this a great game. This is the type of player we thought we had when we drafted Troy Edwards...what a bust

  • Cardinals front 7 showed up today

  • Fitz had a sick game, thank God Boldin didn't play as well


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I would say solid post but that picture ruined it

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Steely McBeam is a jagoff

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Solid Recap...Bring it on Seatle

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ahahha Troy Edwards

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